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You’ve found the perfect place to check for Upcoming Litter Announcements and any Kittens that we have Available. Just look through the information and if you’re interested in a kitten or want to join or waitlist, then you can Contact Me or just proceed with the kitten application for a specific kitten listed.

How Much is a Scottish Fold Kitten?

Kitten TypeShort/Long HairPrice
Scottish FoldCopper/Blue Eyes$2000 – $3500
Scottish StraightCopper/Blue Eyes$1600-$3000
British Short HairAny Color Eyes$3000- $7000
Breeding Rights Available to Established, Registered Catteries that We Can Visit

Our RARE One Of A Kind Blue Eye Kittens

We’ve been breeding almost 10 years as a fun hobby we have always been dedicated to breeding the healthy, loving and unique kittens! For the last 4 years I am been working on creating kittens with color and Blue/Odd eyes. Vans, Bicolor, and specifically solid color kittens with bright blue and bright odd eyes ( One Blue one Copper). This has been a dream of mine that has finally come to light after years of dedication, studying and investing heavily in my program. We are very pleased to be able to offer you unique one of a kind kittens. 

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately we live in a world with many unethical people. While there are many very good breeders around the world there are also very terrible ones. It is very important to me that you do as much homework on me as i will on you! I develop a very close life long bond with everyone who has a kitten from us. We stay in contact always and i am available for our cat family. While choosing the breeder who is right for you please use google searches and message/contact random customer’s who bought kittens from the cattery. This will give you the best honest answers about the breeder you are interested in.

Kitten Announcements

The Scottish Fold Kittens that we have on the ground are shown in the photos below, along with their statuses. If you are interested in one of the babies that you see here, then your first step is to Complete a Kitten Adoption Application.

What Sets Us Apart

First and foremost this is our hobby not our source of income. We have done this for over 10 years because of our love of animals and this special breed. All money plus part of my husbands salary goes into hand picking cats from the best lines around the world for breeding, buying the best food and beautiful cat furniture/toys. We are extremely proud of our cats and program. We have worked specifically on obtaining the best genetics for looks , health and personality. Because, we are not concerned about competition we are always happy to share the catteries our cats have come from and their pedigree. Unlike, most breeders who will not give you this information because they have bought cheap cats without any thought or knowledge to up charge you thousands of dollars. I am always happy to give my personal cell phone to our clients so I can be reached anytime forever. All of our adult cats are always up to date with vaccines and check ups with our wonderful board certified vet specialist. Each cat and kitten is treated like a child given the best of everything always. We vaccinate, deworm, stool test, microchip and alter all kittens before they go home. From birth, we spend 24/7 giving each kitten the most love and care. Our kittens are raised with dogs and small children. They go home having no fear and being very well adjusted. We prioritize the health of all of the cats and kittens in our cattery. Our cattery is HCM,PKD,FELV,FIV,HW negative, and tested for genetic markers before pregnancy.


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