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My Name Is Tiffany

I am also known as the Queen of Scottish Folds. My cats have all been hand picked from top catteries around the world. They are all DNA tested and come from international show winning lines. Many of these breeders have come to stay with us and become family. Since I was born I have always lived with cats, and from a young age fell deeply in love with animals. I would carry any animal I found outside home. Living in NYC that was mostly cat. I am still called often for rescue help. We also donate 10% from all kittens to the humane society.

When I was in college studying nursing one of my classmates and best friends was a Scottish Fold breeder. Meeting her cats and kittens I instantly fell in love with this darling breed. Having a background in science and my passion for animals, I found these cats to be the most purr-fect!  I needed one of my very own Scottish Folds!

After experiencing the love of this unique cat I knew I would not stop. I have fallen in love with this breed. They are like children and bring so much love and happiness into anyone’s life they may cross. They adore children and other pets. They love to be with their family more than anything. Everyone deserves this happiness at least once in their life! 

We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery!

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